Leader's Edge Webinar:

A Cooperative Approach to Lifelong Career Training

In this one-hour webinar, HC’s Chief Growth Officer, Josh Slayton invites author and apprenticeship expert, Ryan Craig, Director of Learning at Lippert, Matt Jerlecki, and Executive Director of Ivy+ Career Link at Ivy Tech Community College, Joey Wheatly, to share their thoughts on career development.

Together, they discuss how colleges and universities, industry associations, and employers can work together to solve challenges inherent in today’s professional development model.

Hear details about an innovative apprenticeship program developed by Ivy Tech Community College and Lippert. You’ll learn how the program got started, who has access, and how it benefits staff, the employer, and the school.

Watch the Webinar

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  • Nicole Baldwin

    Nicole is a Marketing Director at Holmes Corporation. She has worked alongside association partners for nearly 20 years, helping to build and grow the adoption of certification preparation programs.

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