Our Instructional Design & Development team works hand-in-hand with subject matter experts to design a customized training program for certification candidates. We research market needs and design the very best educational system to meet those needs.

Our proven design process incorporates market analysis, performance-based objectives, learner-centered experiences, and content derived from your body of knowledge, industry resources, and respected subject matter experts.


Adult learning preferences are changing and our products are designed to serve those evolving needs by offering:

  • Digital content delivery
  • Consistent, cross-platform access with mobile-optimization
  • On-demand access, anywhere, anytime
  • Social integration, learner support and accessibility
  • Micro learning and JIT (just-in-time) resources
  • Alternate content formats such as audio, video, and simulations

As learners’ needs evolve, so do the needs of instructors. Whether in-person or online, in an academic or corporate setting, we ensure instructors have the resources to plan and deliver consistent, interactive, and impactful courses. Thousands of instructors have come to rely on our easy-to-use instructor guides, course syllabi, customizable PowerPoint slides, classroom activities, and student performance reporting.


Software and infrastructure play a key role in the effort to teach adult learners today. Our programs, tools, and systems are integrated, scalable, and secure. We provide an exceptional customer experience that is consistent across devices and learning platforms. Our expertise goes beyond simple product delivery by offsetting risk and ensuring business continuity as well as addressing current and emerging regulation such as GDPR and ADA accessibility.


Changes in industry regulations and best practices, technological advancements, customer satisfaction, market feedback and pass rates all work together to drive and shape continuous product improvement. Update cycles vary by partner, but our goal is to ensure that your professionals always have access to the highest quality training on the market.


  • Nicole Baldwin

    Nicole is a Marketing Director at Holmes Corporation. She has worked alongside association partners for nearly 20 years, helping to build and grow the adoption of certification preparation programs.

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